Having trouble borrowing from a bank?

Get approved now regardless of credit! 

  • Merchant cash advances are a great alternative to traditional credit from financial institutions. 
  • A capital solution designed to work with merchants' varying cash flow situations. 
  • Funding is based on future sales; meaning when sales are slow repayment is lower. 
  • The most flexible payback program, guaranteed. 
  • Get funded within 2 days  


 How it works: 

  1. Once approved your business receives a lump sum of working capital- to use for improvements, repairs, inventory, or whatever you see fit. 
  2. We are investing in you. We get paid back when you make money. Your business pays back Instant Cash Funding a low fixed amount of credit card sales.
  3. Instant Cash Funding will automatically debit your account* for a low specified percentage of your daily sales. It fluctuates with your sales so that payback is easier, and less of an impact when business is lower.
  4. Unlike traditional loans, there are no interest payments. If you have a lower sales month then your payment is less and you do not have to pay interest money. This type of loan structure has been preferred by millions of small businesses because of the payback flexibility. 


 Please contact for more information on how Instant Cash Funding can partner up with you to improve your business! 

Jordan Fein | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  | Direct: (305) 967.7394 | Fax: (877) 335.7234




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