Meet YogaVibes

Who's behind the curtain at YogaVibes? An eclectic group of yogis with a shared vision and passion! From yoga teachers to avid yoga practitioners, from just discovering yoga to looking to gain a competitive athletic edge, we believe in spreading yoga's reach and touching people's lives with yoga. We believe in the pure joy of moving your body and the radical healing powers yoga can manifest. We seek to build and support a yoga community where all will feel welcome, safe, and personally challenged. 

For us, nothing's better than going to a rock your socks off yoga class, but we've also experienced that wrenching feeling of just not being able to get there. (Work! Traffic! Screaming toddler! Hangnail!) Thus sprang the impetus for YogaVibes - to allow everyone to enjoy the authenticity of a yoga class captured in a real studio (no retakes!) with real students (they may fall down!). Wherever you are and whenever you feel that yoga urge, we've got a class to scratch your itch. 

And yeah, let's be real - most of us can't afford to participate in all the workshops and retreats that whisper to us from our email inbox or the snazzy flier on our local studio's wall. Now you can practice and learn online with some of the most amazing teachers in the world - from the comfort of your own living room, wearing your favorite (but to be honest, maybe not ok to leave the house) yoga pants.

So much hard work, heart and dedication has gone into making YogaVibes. We're humbled and honored to have the collaboration, partnership and participation of the most amazing teachers - without them, we would have nothing! Know that each time you practice a class on YogaVibes, you are supporting (financially and more) our partnering teacher - we're so grateful for each and every one of them!

We love to hear from you with your accolades (always appreciated) and suggestions (always needed), so please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Someone from YogaVibes is willing and able to drop everything (unless it's a kid) to attend to your every need! We're pleasers.

Now that you know a smidge about us, hop back over to the main page and poke around. Learn more about all the cramazing (that's crazy amazing - we're also word blenders) teachers we've gathered. Be inspired! Subscribe! We're grateful for you, for allowing us to do what we love - sharing yoga with the world!

Shine that light!

The YogaVibes Team